That’s Not Snow Their Shoveling Off Their Roof… It’s Volcanic Ash

The volcanic eruption on Spain’s La Palma Island off the west coast of Africa has no end in sight, according to the President of The Canary Islands. The volcano has been wreaking havoc on the islands for about a month since it first erupted.

I’ve seen videos of homes being swallowed by lava, and ash clouds filling the sky for miles. Now, a video has surfaced of a homeowner attempting to dig through tons of ash to reach his home.

The video almost doesn’t look real. I can’t even fathom how that much ash could possible land in one place, and have no idea if it’s even possible to clean up. Almost seems pointless to try to dig through to the home, doesn’t it? Surely that building isn’t structurally safe anymore.

I literally thought that they were shoveling snow from the video’s thumbnail. Unbelievable!

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