Low Chances from Yellow Circles … SW Carib or Mid-North Atlantic Gale? Time Will Tell. Sun Storms and CME with Northern Lights


Not very tropical looking….is it?

Zero chances and 10% chances.

This may be the last time this year that I say this. “Nice wave off of Africa!” Low wave and if it does anything it needs to crawl along the bottom of the MDR region and flare up close in to South America.  For that matter the Zero% yellow area, if it holds together, could do that also and be a player in the SW Caribbean but these are low chance probabilities. A strong cold front is about to move across the country, after snowing in all the right places out West where the land is elevated and helping people in the Carolinas dream of a White Christmas vs “what did I do with my hurricane supplies”

The sun had a storm of it’s own recently and set off a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection, sounds sexy …doesn’t it?) and it really amps up the beauty of life in the far Northern latitudes where the Northen Lights decorated the sky for everyone. It also seems to make many of us feel hazy, lazy and crazy and yes that is how it has hit me and so going to take a bit of a break today and wait and see what the SW Caribbean has to offer. Another tropical thought is that some sort of not tropical like Gale could get named depending on the mood at the NHC on naming subtropical/hybrid very windy systems. The North Atlantic is getting that look so stay tuned. 

I’ll update if anything exciting pops. I’d say “if you have the money see if you can get a fast flight to somewhere and see the Northern Lights” but seeing how Southwest is having problems along with a few other airlines I usually would use…. watch them on YouTube for now.

Besos BobbiStorm

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Ps an old song for no apparent reason other than …if you can find a plane take off, enjoy the view while thinking on life. This was actually a ring tone on my phone for a while. When my phone went off in Academic meetings that went on for hours at the College where I worked……..everyone would look at me oddly and I’d gigle and turn the sound off 🙂 Great song, a line that grabbed me from the first time I ever heard it…  “caramel colored sky”

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