Idiots Push Huge Boulder Off Cliff For Seemingly No Reason

Where do I even start with this clip?

I know there are some situations in which it’s necessary for climbers to release loose rocks (called trundling) from climbing routes for safety purposes, but I have absolutely no idea what possessed these guys to push this absolutely massive boulder off this cliff. Maybe it was in jeopardy of falling, but it doesn’t appear that boulder would fall on its own without some serious intervention.

The video’s description says that the men used hydraulic jacks, but doesn’t provide a reason for this debauchery.

It goes without saying (but I’m gonna say it anyways) that you should not try this at home. Anybody downhill from this boulder would absolutely be killed or injured by the debris.

I’m really hoping there was a valid reason for them to trundle this boulder, but I can’t quite seem to understand why they would. Idiots.

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