A Reminder That Ski Jumping Is Gnarly

Winter is rapidly approaching. Some of our favorite mountains are starting to see that first dusting of snow and the anticipation is building.

Everyone has their own preseason rituals. Some like to hit the gym to build up their legs. Others take snow from the local skating rink and set up some rails to jib. Regardless of who you are, it is always a good time to appreciate how truly gnarly the sport of ski jumping is. These heroic guys and gals straight line it at speeds up to 90 kilometers per hour (roughly 55 mph) down drop-in ramps while locked into ruts in the snow. Their skis are gigantic and their heels are free. This is truly a full commitment situation.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how hardcore these skiers are. Hopping into a skinsuit and fully committing to an enormous send is worthy of respect. As we can see in this video, the consequences are insane.

Images from: FIS Ski Jumping Facebook Page 

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