Adept Plain Jane, Ninhydrin, Kodanne Palette Swatches

Adept Plain Jane, Ninhydrin, Kodanne Palette Swatches
Adept Plain Jane, Ninhydrin, Kodanne Palette Swatches

Adept Cosmetics has three eyeshadow palettes that just became available for pre-order for the last time (shipping December/January). I don’t know that I’ll have reviews before the pre-order closes, but I wanted to get photos/swatches up before the palettes are gone for good. Plain Jane is showing as sold out even though the pre-order went live yesterday 🙁

A brief overview: the shimmers are very smooth, emollient eyeshadows with minimal fallout, good adhesion, and can be applied with a dry brush; the more sparkly the shimmer, the better it worked with a fingertip for higher coverage and a more even base layer of product. The mattes were disappointing–thinner, drier, and harder to blend out and had to be built up in coverage.

Each palette contains an assortment of duochromes and multichromes (and two have matte shades), so you’ll want to click/tap a shade to explore more swatches at different angles and under lower lighting conditions to see the different shifts. The brand has tweaked shades over time, so my Plain Jane is an earlier version (arrived in April this year), and ACI10 and AC12 are different now. Similarly, ACI23 in Ninhydrin is different in the version available for pre-order.

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