Italian Stunt Pilot Exits Tunnels, Enters Aviation History

We reported on this historic flight the day news broke but it took a minute for Red Bull to sort through all the footage and publish the definitive edit honoring Italian stunt pilot Dario Costa’s entry into aviation history.

Next level stunt flying out of Turkey where 41-year-old Italian pilot Dario Costa flew his custom-modified Zivko Edge 540 race plane through the twin Çatalca tunnels along the Northern Marmara Highway.

 Costa set five records with his incredible flight path through the twin Çatalca tunnels in Turkey: longest tunnel flown through with an airplane, first airplane flight through a tunnel, longest flight under a solid obstacle, first airplane flight through two tunnels and first airplane takeoff from a tunnel. Only the first was officially recognized with a certificate from Guinness.

Dario had been dreaming of attempting this for years, he knew it would be a complicated challenge. Got the chills at his emotional release once he was wheels down. Congratulazioni!

images from costadario IG

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