We are all familiar with the enormous ice fields of Antarctica. Most of us view this continent as a pure white block of snow and ice-filled with some penguins and seals mixed in. Enter Blood Falls, a waterfall of deep red amongst the endless snow and ice. This is a spooky and fascinating phenomenon.

The origin of this blood-red water is very interesting. The global sea level lowered during the ice age over two million years ago. When the sea level lowered, seawater got trapped under a glacier. Iron and salt became extremely concentrated in this water over time. It became so “hypersaline” that it never froze. It was also devoid of oxygen as it was trapped under ice. When this water flows out to Blood Falls, it is exposed to oxygen for the first time. This turns the ultra salty water bright red. Fascinating.

Images from: Discovery Channel UK Facebook Page, Art of Travel Facebook Page