Alex Hall Shares BTS Look At Getting a Shot For X Games Real Ski Edit

The X Games Real Ski competition has been an absolute joy to watch over the last few years. I love the focus on skiers trying tricks in urban environments, and progressing the sport in the process.

Alex Hall won gold in the Real Ski 2021 comp (you can watch his edit here), and shared a behind the scenes raw edit of him sessioning a rail, trying to get that perfect shot. Pretty cool to see how much effort goes into one 5-second clip that’s part of a 90-second edit.

I’m still always amazed how much these pro athletes put themselves through. I think I’d take one fall off that rail and call it a day. I guess that’s what separates Alex Hall from just a lazy ski blogger such as myself.

Alex Hall is a boss, and his effort to stomp this rail is beyond respectable.

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