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If we’re getting the seven to nine hours of sleep we need, we spend about one third of our time sleeping, which is a nice chunk of time. A lot of things are happening in our bodies while we sleep: Toxic compounds are removed and tissues are repaired so that our bodies can function as healthily as possible. Brain pathways are formed and maintained so that we can recall past experiences, create new memories, stay focused, and quickly respond to our ever-changing environment during the day.

But according to the CDC, one in three Americans doesn’t get the sleep that’s needed to function at their best. And of course, how much sleep we get affects how much energy we have. If you’re in need of more sleep, you’re probably craving more energy, too. A few strategies can help in both departments.


  1. For Sleep

    Well Told Sleep Beauty promotes a state of calm and provides a non-habit-forming sleep aid with just two ingredients, organic lemon balm and organic raspberries. Organic lemon balm, or Melissa officinalis, is a plant from the mint family that is traditionally used as a sleep aid. Emerging research also shows its role in supporting sleep quality. Take two capsules daily, thirty minutes before bedtime.*

    Well Told Sleep goop, $30

    Well Told
    goop, $30


  2. For Sleep

    For those occasional times you’re having difficulty sleeping, our chocolate-mint-flavored Knock Me Out chew with melatonin, L-tryptophan, and vitamin B6 provides sleep support. Melatonin, a hormone produced by pineal gland in the brain, helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle, and L-tryptophan and vitamin B6 work to support the body’s own production of melatonin. Take Knock Me Out chews at bedtime only. You can begin with one and increase to two as needed.*

    goop Wellness KNOCK ME OUT goop, $55 for 60/$30 for 30

    goop Wellness
    goop, $55 for 60/$30 for 30


  3. For Energy

    More energy starts with getting enough sleep, but it doesn’t end there. Getting the nutrients we need through a healthy diet is also critical, and quality supplements can help. (Read more about what makes a high-quality supplement here. All goop protocols are produced in cGMP-certified facilities, which means extensive testing is carried out to verify the presence of active ingredients and the absence of heavy metals and harmful microbes.) Why Am I So Effing Tired? supports physical and mental fatigue with a high dose of B vitamins and an adaptogen blend full of traditional herbal extracts. Take one packet daily.*

    goop Wellness WHY AM I SO EFFING TIRED? goop, $90/$75 with subscription

    goop Wellness
    goop, $90/$75 with subscription


  4. for energy

    Well Told’s Energy Booster is formulated with organic rhodiola and organic maca, plus beets and green tea powder to support energy and a healthy response to occasional mental fatigue. Take one capsule twice daily, but not immediately before bedtime, of course.*

    Well Told Energy Booster goop, $30

    Well Told Health
    Energy Booster
    goop, $30


  5. for energy

    For the times you want a capsule-free midday mental boost, our café au lait–flavored Nerd Alert chews are formulated with caffeine and L-theanine to provide energy for focus and attention. Two chews contain one hundred milligrams of caffeine, which is about the amount in one cup of coffee, and they can be taken daily as needed.*

    goop Wellness NERD ALERT goop, $55 for 60/$30 for 30

    goop Wellness
    goop, $55 for 60/$30 for 30



  1. For Sleep

    Physical activity can improve the quality and quantity of sleep. The ideal duration, time of day, and style of exercise depends on your individual needs. But research shows that generally the more you enjoy it and the more you do it, the better.

    If yoga (or mat work) is your movement of choice and you’re looking for more support, try Manduka’s GRP Yoga Mat. It has no-slip traction and a six-millimeter-thick cushion. We also like the Cork Yoga Block—it’s firm, durable, and easy to grip. And the cork is a more sustainable material than your typical yoga block.

    Manduka GRP Yoga Mat goop, $130

    GRP Yoga Mat
    goop, $130


    Manduka Cork Yoga Block goop, $22

    Cork Yoga Block
    goop, $22


  2. For Energy

    Exercise can help boost energy levels, too. When you want a bit of resistance training, these three-pound hand weights offer light resistance with a no-roll hexagonal shape to help your body stabilize during workouts or to keep the weights in place while they’re stored. If you’re looking for added leg resistance, strap on these ankle weights, which are one pound each.

    GAIAM Neoprene Hand Weights, 3 lbs. goop, $7

    Neoprene Hand Weights, 3 lbs.
    goop, $7


    Bala Weighted Wrist Bangles goop, $49

    Weighted Wrist Bangles
    goop, $49



  1. For Sleep

    Creating a relaxing nighttime ritual is a great start. Try removing sleep disturbances, like disrupting noises and electronics with blinking lights, and adding things that can help you sleep, like aromatherapy. The vitruvi Unwind Kit’s comforting blends of lavender, geranium, chamomile, frankincense, and other essential oils are a soothing way to help you settle into bed for a restful night’s sleep. Choose from four blends (Dusk, Quiet, Nightcap, Sleep) that you can diffuse or add to your bath or body oils.

    vitruvi Unwind Kit goop, $54

    Unwind Kit
    goop, $54


  2. For Energy

    When you’re looking for essential oils to help elevate your mood, reach for the vitruvi Uplift Kit’s lively blends. Just add drops to one of vitruvi’s sleek diffusers.

    vitruvi x goop goop-Exclusive Stone Diffuser goop, $119

    vitruvi x goop
    goop-Exclusive Stone Diffuser
    goop, $119


    vitruvi Uplift Kit goop, $48

    Uplift Kit
    goop, $48


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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