LINE Skis, Full-Tilt, & J Skis Founder Jason Levinthal’s TEDx Talk Is a Must-Watch For All Skiers

Jason Levinthal is an icon in the ski industry. He is the founder of LINE Skis, Full-Tilt Boots, and now J Skis. He tells his story that started in his garage developing the first twin-tip skis brought to a mass market, changing skiing forever, and what he’s up to now.

I appreciated how J Lev’s focus is on innovation and how ‘Nobody Needs More of the Same Thing.’ It’s something I try to remember daily when writing these blogs, and it has many practical uses across all walks of life.

J Lev’s story is incredible and his quick Ted Talk is a must-watch for all skiers. Enjoy, and thank me later!

What do you think will be the next revolutionary idea in skiing?

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