California Coastal Commission Goes Berserk Mandating Future Coastal Sea Level Rise Hype – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The California Coastal Commission has established that the state must plan as a minimum for 3.5 feet of coastal sea level rise over the next 30 years.

This ludicrous rate of coastal sea level rise is 26 times greater than the rate of coastal sea level rise that has been measured by NOAA tide gauge data over the past 30 years at numerous coastal locations including 7 locations with between 75 to 115 years of continuous NOAA tide gauge coastal sea level rise data which shows these locations will average only 1.6 inches of coastal sea level rise in the next 30 years – not 3.5 feet!!

Additionally, the long time period NOAA coastal tide gauge data measurements establish that no acceleration (rates of coastal sea level rise are not increasing) of coastal sea level rise has occurred over the past 30 years (and longer) despite ridiculous, flawed and erroneous claims otherwise by climate alarmist models that have been proven to be completely wrong based upon actual data measurements.

These idiotic schemes by the Commission to mandate a 3.5 foot minimum (or even worse as the report suggests below) future coastal sea level rise over the next 30 years threatens to impose massive bureaucracy and waste trillions of dollars in unnecessary expenditures and endanger the state’s economic viability.

NOAA coastal sea level rise tide gauge data for California as illustrated below with data from San Diego and San Francisco shows coastal sea level rising consistently (no increasing rates of sea level rise over time) at only about 2 mm/year at these locations not 35.5 mm/year as mandated by the Coastal Commission bureaucracy.

The California Coastal Commission is simply out of control and performing in a completely incompetent manner based upon its reliance on scientifically unsupported and purely speculative coastal sea level rise climate model alarmist propaganda while completely ignoring and concealing measured, consistent and hugely lower rates of coastal sea level rise representing more than 100 years of California’s history. 

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