Suspect Flees Police On ATV, Gets Caught After Crashing Spectacularly

Seems like the days of high speed chases on local news are all but over, but we still get a good one from time to time. In this instance, a man already handcuffed was fleeing police on an ATV near Oklahoma City. He made it pretty far before finally crashing his ride in a big puddle on a dirt road.

I’m not sure of the context leading up to this chase, but taking an ATV to escape troopers in squad cars doesn’t really seem like an effective method. Stealing a side by side or an actual car might have been better, but ‘Man Crashes ATV While Fleeing Police’ has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

I’ve started the video closer to the crash, but feel free to rewind if you want to see the full chase. What a bozo.

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