UK Climate Change Concern at a Near Record High – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Ipsos More, Climate Change concern has reached fever pitch in the UK, as the relentless BBC and establishment campaign to frighten ordinary people with stories of bushfires and heatwaves yields dividends.

Public concern about climate change and pollution doubles to a near-record level


Ipsos MORI’s Issues Index for August 2021 shows public concern about the environment has jumped sixteen percentage points over last month’s Index.

27 August 2021

  • A third of the British public see the environment and climate change as a big issue for the country, making it the second-biggest issue
  • COVID-19 remains the biggest concern but the level of worry drops further
  • Public concern about the economy, NHS and education also dips from levels recorded in July

The August 2021 Ipsos MORI issues Index reveals spontaneous public concern about the environment has jumped sixteen percentage points since July. Thirty-two per cent mention climate change and pollution as a major issue for Britain, making it the second-biggest concern for the country. Fieldwork was conducted between 6 and 13 August, covering the launch of the Sixth Assessment Report of the International Panel on Climate Change.

This is the second highest-level of concern recorded about the environment since it was added as an option to the survey in 1988: in July 1989, when the highest temperature since 1976 was recorded at Heathrow, 35% mentioned environmental issues as a worry.

COVID-19 remains the biggest issue for Britain, however just 40% mention it as a big issue this month – down eight points from July and 35 percentage points below the highest score this year (75% in January).

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I worry for my friends in Britain.

With a net contribution of 1.1% of global CO2 emissions, nothing Britain does to the British people can make a noticeable difference to global CO2 emissions.

On the international stage, the Biden administration is struggling with ongoing resistance to their planned trillion dollar climate expenditures. Other nations like Australia are openly defying the globalist push to shut down coal, and China is continuing business as usual, paying lip service but pretty much expanding coal capacity as fast as they can build the new plants.

COP26 will be a monumental failure, you can already smell the panic.

So what will British PM Boris Johnson do in the wake of a COP26 failure, to salvage his credibility with British voters as a climate saviour?

Surging British public support for climate action and an unexpected slight improvement in public finances could embolden BoJo to attempt the impossible – harsh climate taxes, hydrogen economy, offshore wind, banning gasoline, the full monty of loser strategies for reducing CO2 emissions.

The extraordinary cost this will impose on ordinary Britons already facing soaring fuel poverty could make the lives of poor people in Britain utterly unbearable.

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