Caryalls Made From Tyvek, a Supermaterial Poised to Take Over Gore-Tex

Whether you’re embracing the return of the office commute or traversing unfamiliar landscapes abroad, the holy trifecta of the perfect travel bag never changes. You want style, versatility, and durability—without the sternum strap, please. Enter the sleek Slash Series from global travel brand LOJEL (Let Our Journeys Enrich Life). The secret sauce of its new carrier line is a repurposed industrial material called Tyvek.



Until now, you’ve probably never heard of this high-density, multipurpose polyethylene fibre, but you’ve likely seen it everywhere. From industrial protective garments and medical packaging to FedEx envelopes and that stuff they wrap under-construction buildings in, Tyvek is insanely strong.

Those synthetic qualities that make it a wonder-material hiding off the commercial radar (once upon a time, that was Gore-Tex) are what make Tyvek the perfect material for gear suited to mobile, active lifestyles across all seasons and weather conditions.

LOJEL launched its Slash Series as a response to the evolving travel landscape during COVID-19, aiming to evoke the spirit of restriction-free travel in everyday life with carriers marked by minimalist aesthetic and maximum functionality. The series of travel products includes packing/organization kits; a daypack that reverse-folds into compact, zippable cases for 13- and 16-inch laptops; an essentials pouch; and one of this year’s most coveted hip/shoulder packs.

These items comprise one of the more groundbreaking, cool-looking, sustainably minded (and surprisingly budget-friendly) carrier lines we’ve seen in a long while.

Here’s what makes LOJEL’s addition of high-grade Tyvek at the core of its new Slash Series collection such a winner:

Tyvek is sustainable, lightweight—and really breathes

The spun-bonded material is made from a high-density polymer, yet is breathable—essential when storing items that need airflow like cotton clothing. Also, since there are no plasticizers or restricted chemicals, Tyvek is 100 percent recyclable. Moreover, DuPont has created a Tyvek-specific recycling program.

It’s incredibly durable and weather-proof

Tyvek’s non-woven construction ensures exceptional strength, durability, and tear-resistance that allows it to withstand use in a variety of applications and environmental conditions. Evidenced by Slash Series signatures like the Foldable Daypack to the Hip/Shoulder Pack, these carriers can handle both heavy storage without breaking and repeated folding without ripped seams or shape warping.

Tyvek naturally repels water and resists rot, mildew, soiling, and staining, making it ideal for any outdoor conditions. Even corrosive acids and salt exposure won’t leave a mark on your pack. Finally, it’s super easy to clean. Just wipe down with a moist cloth.

Tyvek looks cool, feels good, and scores high on ergonomics

Tyvek provides LOJEL’s bags with a distinctive appearance and crinkly texture that has a touch-feel best described as a combo of paper and fabric. Available in matte white and black, the sleek-looking Slash Series is instantly recognizable, featuring LOJEL’s signature ergonomic design, flipped-grip zippers, functional performance, and burst-proof construction.

These are carryalls designed for life.

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