VIDEO: Onewheel Freestyle Pushed To The Limits

Onewheel coming in hot with this edit from a closed course in Northern California where a group of riders gathered with the dream of pushing the sport of Onewheel forward.  Never thought I see a dude noseslide a Onewheel on a down bar but there you have it. Pretty rad what these folks are up to, love to see where it goes…

Where is the limit of what’s possible? We’ll never know until we seek it out. DIRT started with an untouched property in Northern California, a few sketches of ambitious features and the dream of pushing the sport of Onewheel forward. So far forward that we might just find the limit, at least for now.

The project was so ambitious that everyone involved was pushed to their limit. Bodies broke down, tensions ran high, we pushed to the breaking point. But that is what we set out to do, to push forward until there was nothing left to give. That is not failure, that was the mission.

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