Seb Toots Rips His Audi R8 To The Golf Course In The Summer

Red Bull Snow just released the second episode of their Dual Focus series that shows what snow athletes do in the offseason to keep busy. Last episode was about skiing legend Jesper Tjader, and this week’s features none other than Seb Toots.

Seb shows us his apartment in Quebec, and why he enjoys golfing when he can’t be on the snow. It was pretty interesting to hear his comparisons between snowboarding and golf when thinking about the technical skills you need to excel at both sports. Also badass that his daily driver is an Audi R8. Talk about a baller move…

I always figured that pro riders had the ability to be on snow all year long if they want, but I never considered that they might want a break from time to time. Seb mentions that he needs time away from snowboarding to really appreciate it and progress when it comes time to perform.

I guess I’ve never had the ability to ski 100+ days a year so I never really thought somebody could get tired of being on the mountain, but I imagine it can be draining when it’s literally your job.

What do you do to keep busy during the offseason?

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