Driver Ignores Sign, Plunges His Cadillac Into Massive Sinkhole

Nelsonville sinkhole on Pleasantview Ave, closed Mon, 8/28/17 at 8AM for  repairs, please use an alternate route – City of Nelsonville, Ohio  Information Blog

Hey there buddy who just drove his Cadillac into a sinkhole. I know you’re probably still drying off, but I’d like to thank you for hopping over here on to Unofficial Networks immediately following your mistake.

You know those bright orange signs that say things like, ROAD CLOSED, CONSTRUCTION ZONE, DANGER, MASSIVE SINKHOLE THAT WILL RUIN YOUR CAR YOU BIG DUMB IDIOT? I would suggest that you pay attention to those moving forward. It might just save your car, or your life next time you’re thinking that rules and signs don’t apply to you.

I know that Maryland isn’t riddled with sinkholes, but I think you might have learned your lesson to pay attention when one takes up the entire side of a road and there’s construction crews actively working on it.

At least I hope you did…



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