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If you’ve never made a galette before, Alice Choi of Hip Foodie Mom is here to show you the way. While pie can be a little bit finicky if you’re making a crust from scratch, galettes are meant to look rustic. “They are so easy to make because you’re simply folding a freeform pastry dough for the crust,” she says. In short: There’s nothing to stress about!

The filling for Alice’s strawberry galette consists of fresh strawberries, turbinado sugar, lemon zest, cinnamon, and sea salt. This is all stirred together and then wrapped in homemade pastry dough. The crust recipe is super simple — just flour, salt, and butter — and it comes together quickly with a little ice water in the food processor.

After you have your filling and your crust it’s time for assembly. You simply roll out the dough into a circle, sprinkle the center with a mix of almond flour and sugar, then spoon on the strawberry filling. The tricky part involves folding the edges of the crust in — you want to overlap and press the folds together. But don’t try to be overly perfect here — as Alice mentioned, the freeform aspect of the galette is part of its appeal. Once you’re finished creating the crust, you brush an egg wash on top, sprinkle it with more sugar, and throw it into the oven.

The recipe makes two galettes, which means that you will likely have two totally different-looking desserts on hand. “Every galette is unique and different!” Alice explains. And that’s a good thing.

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