Robots, Drones, Autonomous vehicles will shape Tourism not only in Jamaica

The Tourism Minister from Jamaica with an out of the box global perspective, the Hon , Edmund Bartlett shares his thought on artificial intelligence and human – robot interaction in the future world of travel and tourism. Not only Jamaica will respond to chatbots.

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  1. Jamaica’s minister of Tourism Hon. Edmund Bartlett today delivered his talking points at the CANTO Annual Virtual Conference.
  2. The minister noted that undoubtedly, the ubiquitous disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically helped to accelerate the pace of digital transformation.
  3. Bartlett concluded: The trend thus instructs all tourism enterprises, micro, small, medium-sized and large, to find ways to embrace digital technologies, and develop their digital architectures or face the risk of being left behind.

Minister Bartlett shared his thoughts and talking points in the CANTO Panel with eTurboNews:

  • All across the world, the adoption of stay-at-home and work- from-home orders, border closures and other strict social distancing measures to manage the pandemic, has undermined traditional systems and processes; resulting in most major government, commercial and work-related activities being migrated to digital channels.
  • In the process, the attitude of policymakers, organizations and even members of the public towards digital technology has shifted from skepticism, uncertainty and ambivalence to a firm acknowledgment that digital technology now constitutes an important catalyst of social and economic development.
  • Importantly, the pandemic has taught us that organizations that fail to successfully incorporate digital technologies into their business models will likely fail in their quest to ensure adaptability, agility and competitiveness in the post-COVID-19 era.
  • The ability of players in the global tourism sector to adapt to the impact of the pandemic has been undoubtedly aided by digital technologies. 
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