Let the Mayhem begin. I’m talking about the band, not the comments section.

Whether you like this band or not, you can listen to it on the golf course with our picks for the best Bluetooth speakers for 2021.

Opinions about whether Bluetooth speakers belong on the course vary widely but because it is a trend in the industry, we want to test them to ensure you’re well informed. Hell, some golf bags come with Bluetooth speakers built in or attached.

During testing, some models stood out for their sound quality and robust features. No matter your budget, you can buy a speaker to keep you swinging to the beat.

Whether you’re looking to buy a Bluetooth speaker today, some buying advice to get started or just want a closer look at what’s on the market, this guide will help you find the right speaker to fit your needs.

Winner: UE WonderBoom 2

If you want the best Bluetooth speaker, look no further than the UE WonderBoom 2. It may be small in size but it certainly packs a punch. Its sound clarity is so good that you can hear the artist breath between lyrics. The WonderBoom 2 is waterproof and floats for those summer pool days away from the golf course. The speaker has an outdoor boost button for clarity,  suppressing any extraneous background noise. Another feature is that it can be paired with two WonderBoom 2 speakers for more of an impact. These are just a couple of reasons why UE WonderBoom 2 was crowned Most Wanted Bluetooth Speaker of 2021.

  • 5th in durability
  • 1st in sound clarity
  • 1st in user friendly
  • 6th in features


The RokForm G-Rok was awarded the most durable bluetooth speaker in 2021. Its rugged exterior is designed to last the length of time. It also comes with a powerful magnet that won’t budge even if the cart tips over. The G-Rok also comes with an aluminum hook for everyday use.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers – Features That Matter


(Omnidirectional versus directional) Listening to music should be an immersive experience. Sound quality shouldn’t fade because you’re on the wrong side of your speaker. The sound from directional speakers is less immersive, often limited by the direction the speaker is facing. We found that omnidirectional speakers are better suited for the golf course and are the best Bluetooth speakers for a golf cart.

Speakers like the UE WonderBoom 2 and Treblab HD77 are great examples of quality omnidirectional speakers. Directional speakers are not as well suited for the 360-degree challenge of the golf course, at least for those looking for consistent sound in and out of the cart.


No matter how great a speaker sounds, it’s only as good as its connection. The best Bluetooth speakers for golf allow you plenty of room to wander.

The top performers maintained their connectivity despite 40-plus yards of separation. If you carry your phone while playing, especially if you find yourself wandering far from your cart, maximizing your connectivity distance is essential to keeping the music going.

The JBL Clip 3 and the JBL Flip 4 offer superb Bluetooth connectivity.

Battery Life

How long does your golf speaker last when it’s unplugged and paired with your Bluetooth device? Bluetooth speakers can last from five to 36 hours per charge. For a day that starts at the course and ends at the pool, an extra couple of hours can come in handy.

Examples of the best Bluetooth speakers that have long-lasting battery life are Treblab FX100, RokForm G-Rok and Anker Soundcore, which offer 36 and 24 hours of boogie time.

EXPERT TIP – Finding the Right Speaker for How You Travel the Course

Golfers who walk should favor smaller and lighter speaker options. The ideal solution is likely one that clips to your bag. Golfers who prefer to ride, should take advantage of sound-rich speakers which easily fit in the car’s cup holders.



The UE WonderBoom 2 offers top quality 360-degree omnidirectional sound and volume capabilities. You can pair two units together for true stereo sound. UE’s new “Outdoor Boost” mode allows you to crank-up powerful audio that’s engineered to be heard outside.

Bluetooth Speakers – More Tips

  • Bigger doesn’t always mean better (or louder). Some smaller speakers outperform their large competitors and better fit in a cart’s cup holder.
  • Nearly all Bluetooth speakers are portable, meaning you can take them anywhere without needing a cord for them to play music.
  • Some Bluetooth speakers can also be used for phone calls. The added versatility can be helpful, especially if you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality to get it.
  • While most speakers are water resistant, some, like the like JBL Flip 4 and UE WonderBoom 2, are fully waterproof. So even if you get rained on during your round or your speaker tumbles into the pool, the music will keep playing.


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How We Test

We’re here to help you find the perfect golf speaker to fit your needs.

To do that, we employ a thorough and fully independent testing process that leaves no feature unexplored, no detail unchecked, and no stone unturned.

Our Metrics

Golf speakers are tested head to head using rigorous protocols.

The metrics we consider when rating Golf Speakers include Durability, Features, Ease of Use, and Sound Quality.

MOST FEATURE RICH - Bushnell Wingman

What Do I Need to Know About the Best Bluetooth Speakers?

Q: How do I charge my Bluetooth speaker?

A: Most up-to-date devices have USB ports that charge your speaker. Some older, less advanced speakers still require batteries to keep the music going.

Q: What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

A: Water-resistant speakers will survive a few drops of rain or a quick dip in the pool. Waterproof speakers can tackle the harshest of weather conditions and be submerged under water for an extended period of time without harm.

Q: Are Bluetooth speakers allowed on the golf course?

A: While we’d wager some courses have explicit rules against speakers, we hope it’s not common. Golf is a game, right? Aren’t games meant to be enjoyed? Yes, there is a rule prohibiting music during competition (something about using the rhythm of the beat in your golf swing)  but, if you’re respectful of others on the course, listening to music with your buddies during a fun round shouldn’t be an issue. Keep it at a reasonable volume and it’s all good. Go ahead and post your scores. We won’t tell.

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