12 Best Applesauce Recipes – What to Make With Applesauce

In addition to keeping a jar stashed in the pantry, I love to make a big pot of applesauce after a day of apple picking — there’s something just so satisfying about its simplicity. However, after a few days of eating it from a bowl, dusted with cinnamon, I tend to grow tired of the snack. Luckily applesauce is good for so much more than just snacking. There are loads of sweet and savory recipes using applesauce, where it serves as a useful ingredient (especially when baking!) to add moisture or serve as a substitute for eggs, oil, or butter.

From oatmeal cups and breakfast bars, to cakes and muffins, here are 12 recipes to give you easy ideas of what to make with applesauce.

Want to Make Your Own? Here’s How to Make Applesauce

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