Louis Vuitton Reveals Light-Up Wireless Speaker With Clever UFO Design

Image via Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has unveiled its latest offering: a wireless speaker that resembles a UFO. The Horizon Light Up is a leather-bound speaker, inspired by the design of the brand’s Toupie bag. With its sleek black and metal design, plus colorful lights, it does look like something out of a futuristic novel.

The Louis Vuitton name is spelled out, letter by letter, in lights along the rim of the speaker, with its leather surfaces embossed with the luxury fashion house’s signature motif. Its iconic pattern also surrounds the subwoofer light-up style, with colors that change according to the music.

Thinking of bringing it out for a spin? The speaker also comes with a removable leather strap so it doubles up as a chic accessory.

Although not much has been disclosed about its technological capabilities, Input has reported the speaker will be able to pair with devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirPlay 2. It also comes with a charging dock, which doubles as a stand to display the speaker.

Notably, Uncrate mentions that the UFO or “spinning top” design lets the listener control where the sound travels by resting the player on its side. The accompanying stand allows the speaker to be held upright, offering 360-degree audio.

Strangely enough, when you head to the site for the speaker, it features tutorial videos for the brand’s Tambour Horizon watch instead. Upon selecting “more details,” one is led to another page featuring an unrelated product.

Specs aside, this Sci-Fi-looking speaker will appeal to the fashion-forward consumer who cares more about how stylish it looks than how good it sounds. All eyes are on its July 30 launch, with it being highly likely to cost a pretty penny.

Image via Louis Vuitton

Image via Louis Vuitton

Image via Louis Vuitton

Image via Louis Vuitton

Image via Louis Vuitton

[via Input and Uncrate, images via Louis Vuitton]

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