Chipotle Hides $1 Million Worth Of Free Burritos In NBA Finals Ads

Image via Chipotle / PR Newswire

Chipotle is throwing its hat into the NBA Finals ring with a new advertising campaign, hiding US$1 million worth of free burritos in television advertisements that’ll air during the games. Fastest fingers win, so make sure you’ve got your phone on hand when it’s time to strike.

During game one, the fast-food chain aired an advertisement that contained a hidden keyword, with the first 10,000 people who texted the keyword to 888-222 winning free burritos.

Chipotle will be continuing this hide-and-seek game for advertisements airing during the next five NBA games, with “winnings” increasing by 10,000 each time.

“Along with the high-profile player matchups, off-court storyline, and fan interactions, our hidden code giveaway creates another ‘game within a game’ and elevates the viewing experience for our fans during breaks in the action,” said Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt in the press release.

Keep your eye on the following schedule to snag some free burritos for you and your pals:

Game Two (July 8) – 10,000 free burritos
Game Three (July 11) – 20,000 free burritos
Game Four (July 14) – 30,000 free burritos
Game Five (TBC) – 40,000 free burritos

[via Thrillist, cover image via Chipotle / PR Newswire]

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