Tyler, The Creator Is Playing Secret Shows In a $15 T-shirt

Tyler, The Creator—rapper, style god, fashion designer—does everything with a magnetic cockiness. His latest album, Call Me if You Get Lost, is stuffed with his signature swagger. He’s been known to take his timepiece to stratospheric levels and sport furry hats that make sense in Siberia (or at least, you know, during winter). On the heels of his windy performance at the BET Awards, he’s been putting on a series of electric secret shows across America—and the Grammy-winning artist is doing it in a GQ-winning t-shirt that costs just $15: the Uniqlo U t-shirt. Designer Mark Sabino, honorary GQ Tyler Tee Correspondent, confirmed: 

That’s from last Thursday’s secret show in Brooklyn, where Tyler rapped his ass off in a box-fresh Uniqlo U tee, along with a few stacked necklaces, some unreleased shorts from his own label, Golf Wang, and a pair of Doc Martens loafers. (The Siberian hat made an appearance, too—at least until it got too hot.) 

Out of the sea of white tees he could pick, what makes the Uniqlo U tee the one for Tyler? Is it the fact that it’s on GQ’s list of the best white tees? That we’ve called the Uniqlo U line, designed by Christophe Lemaire, a “cheat code” to style? That it’s a damn good t-shirt at a damn good price? Maybe, possibly, and almost certainly.

Whether he’s teaching us about the virtues of shorts, or waxing poetic about skincare, Tyler’s one of the most approachably stylish guys in the game, with his signature golf-dad-meets-skater-kid aesthetic. Set aside the sky-high swagger and fuzzy hats, and you’ll notice his go-to uniform is something most guys can pull off without feeling like they’re putting on a front. Cardigans over t-shirts, relaxed chinos, a splashy sweater vest, classic sneakers—closet staples that don’t require an insane level of confidence to rock. Even through the fame and the gold grills, Tyler’s still getting fits off in more humble, but no less stylish clothes. 

Follow his lead:

Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Obviously, I love all the weird pants and big collars that come out of Uniqlo U. But for my money, the best item each season is actually the short-sleeve tee. I love how my arms kind of swim in its wide sleeves. —Daniel Varghese, Tech & Lifestyle Writer

Dr. Martens “Adrian” Smooth Leather Tassel loafers

For Doc lovers, details like a double tassel and kiltie fringe—all plopped on top of that signature cushioned sole—have helped loafer wearers look like counter-cultural icons since the ’80s.

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