Pietre Maximum by Fiandre architectural surfaces

Dezeen Showroom: architectural surfaces company  Fiandre aims to mimic the beauty and texture of natural stone.

The Pietre Maximum porcelain surface comes in three options that reference stone found across Europe.

Fiandre architectural surface
Top: the Quarzite Vals surfaces are light grey. Above: Luna Limestone has a pale tone

The Quarzite Vals surfaces references grey stone found in southeast Switzerland, while Luna Limestone was designed to appear like the crema luna marble from Spain and France.

Completing the collection, Roccia di Lucca resembles the “dark ash, tending towards blue, the surface of metamorphic sandstone, with white veining”.

Roccia di Lucca is a dark ash tone

The tiles come in a range of sizes designed to reduce wastage on site.

“These three ethically designed surfaces come in formats which avoid wasting materials,” said Fiandre.

“The 120 by 270 centimetre format meets the minimum height requirements for habitability, while the 120 by 120 centimetre format is compatible with the standard dimensions required for shower trays in many countries.”

Piere Maximum
Quarzite Vals is available in a range of styles

The tiles also come in 100 by 100 and 300 by 100 centimetres sizes. They are slip-resistant and can be placed in numerous locations including bathrooms, spas or swimming pools.

Product: Pietre Maximum
Brand: Fiandre architectural surfaces
Contact: [email protected]

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