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So, the director general of health wrote to the lieutenant general … yesterday and asked if we could get an extra 130 trays.

The reason we gave is that we are at a critical level and that at some of our sites we are projected to run out of Pfizer by as soon as week 20. That’s 5 July. Next Monday. At some of our sites we are due to run out. And one of those sites being Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Our reason also is we said additional vaccine supply is critical to avoiding cancellations of already committed appointments. And to ensure that we can continue to prioritise areas of high risk.

Now, we sent that letter yesterday. We got a response this morning. From the lieutenant general. We’ve been advised that we will not be provided additional vaccines of Pfizer.

Now, about three weeks ago, when Victoria went into lockdown, and asked for additional supply, they got an extra 100,000 vaccines. We weren’t offered less than what we asked for, we have been denied any extra vaccines.

We are only getting 64,500 a week in July, each week. We got 45,000 vaccines delivered yesterday. And on that delivery, and on our calculations, we have eight days’ stock left for Pfizer. So we are getting to that point that we’ll have to start prioritising only second doses if the Commonwealth do not have any vaccine left. And they need to tell us. It’s what they gave Victoria the end of it?

Have we only got what is allocate and no contingency stock left until that big delivery in October? Because we all need to know.

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