10 sweary humourous coloring sheets for IBD, IBS+gluten free — A Balanced Belly

Feel like you want to spend some time colouring in a bid to switch off your phone but nothing quite fit the bill? Are you less about the affirmations and mantras more about laughing about how life is sometimes really shit with a digestive conditions is? My latest free download is 10 funny, relatable and sweary colouring sheets about life with a bowel issues are for you!

Llama themed sweary humorous coloring sheets

Pack one is four llama themed colouring sheets with the slogans: ‘MY BOWELS HATE ME’. ‘MY TOILET IS MY HAPPY PLACE,’ ‘TODAY WAS A BAD DAY BUT THAT’S OKAY!’ AND ‘HOORAY-I DIDN’T SHIT MYSELF TODAY!

Funny chronic illness slogan colouring sheets

Also included are slogan colouring sheets with quotes including: ‘FUCK GLUTEN’ , ‘NO I DON’T WANT TO BUY YOUR ALOE VERA and ‘NO I DON’T LOOK SICK BUT THEN AGAIN I DIDN’T THINK YOU LOOK STUPID.’

To get all of your colouring sheets, click the download button below which will take you to a pop up to put your email address in to sign up to my gut newsletter and then receive your sheets. You can then print these off or download onto your Ipad pro to colour on a PDF in there (which I was what I do).


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