Shooter McGavin’s actor debuts a Happy Gilmore-themed look for the film’s 25th anniversary

“Happy Gilmore” might be one of the most iconic sports movies of all time. The story of a hockey player whose one skill — his thunderous slap shot — translates so well onto the golf course that it makes him an instant star has produced its fair share of classic scenes. The image of Sandler and “The Price is Right” host Bob Barker trading blows on the course feels like it’ll last forever.

Perhaps the most iconic character from the film is its villain. Shooter McGavin, played to perfection by Christopher McDonald, was an arrogant pro golfer who hated Gilmore and resorted to underhanded tricks to try to drive him out of the game forever. For the 25th anniversary of the film’s 1996 debut, McDonald busted out a Shooter McGavin-themed ensemble that captures the character’s aesthetic perfectly.

A collaboration between Extra Butter and adidas, the clothes feature a nod to the championship jacket McGavin tried to steal from Gilmore at the movie’s climax, a Shooter-themed logo, a picture of Shooter in the left shoe, and potentially a bunch of other Gilmore-themed Easter Eggs. Should you desire, you’ll be able to get your hands on it June 25.

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