Adidas Unveils Period-Proof Leggings To Make Workouts Hassle-Free

Image via Adidas

Sportswear giant Adidas has just launched a new pair of leggings that’ll keep menstruators leak-free and protected as they exercise.

As part of its pledge to combat physical, emotional, and societal barriers that exist in sports, the brand has unveiled its TechFit Period Proof leggings, aiming to make workouts more comfortable during that time of the month.

With period-proof underwear brands such as ModiBodi and Thinx gaining market share, it’s not surprising Adidas has thrown its hat in the ring for period-proof activewear. Regular leggings often don’t provide enough protection from leaks, stains, or visible pad lines.

While the TechFit Period Proof leggings were designed to be comfortable and breathable for exercise, its key focus was also to protect against leaks, Adidas’ Senior Product Manager Kim Buerger told Bustle.

The leggings come with a special “set of absorbent layers and a membrane that help protect against leaks, giving athletes added confidence whilst training through their period,” she explained.

A wicking layer, absorbing layer, and leak-proof layer are combined to provide extra protection, while a bonding frame holds the layers together and keeps the leggings in place.

Despite them being period-proof, the leggings aren’t a substitute for tampons, pads, cups, or period underwear. They offer an additional layer of security and confidence, rather than serve as an all-in-one period pant.

Adidas hopes its latest offering can encourage folks who menstruate to stay in a sporting environment. The brand is also working with Physical Education teachers and schools to provide resources to adolescents who want to exercise while on their periods.

“The menstrual cycle is still an area of embarrassment, and as a result is typically neglected and ignored. Given the impact that the menstrual cycle can have on participation and overall quality of life, this must change. Education is the ultimate starting point whereby those who menstruate can be empowered by an increased understanding of an essential physiological process,” said Dr Georgie Bruinvels, a sports research scientist working with Adidas.

The TechFit Period Proof collection is available at Adidas’ site, in stores, or via the app.

Image via Adidas

Image via Adidas

[via Bustle, cover image via Adidas]

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