Microsoft Creates Calming Track Of Old Startup Sounds To Tease Windows 11

Images via Windows and Roland Magnusson /

Even if you haven’t heard dialup noises for some time, just imagining them could take you back to a rather frustrating time. To relive those good ol’ days, Microsoft has released 11 minutes of startup sounds and somehow made them “meditative.”

And we know what you’re thinking: those rings and whirs are anything but relaxing. The track isn’t just a nostalgic throwback, but it also pays homage to the present, the era when people get put in the zone with Lo-Fi music.

Reviving system sounds from Windows 95, XP, and 7, Microsoft gave them new serene vibes by slowing them down to “a meditative 4,000% reduced speed” and turned them into “Slo-fi.”

The 11-minute duration is a reference to the upcoming Windows 11, expected to be unveiled at the Microsoft Event on June 24.

While you listen, you can also fixate on the scenic natural backdrops that have previously inspired some of Microsoft’s wallpapers.

Microsoft said the clip is meant to calm the nerves of users who are “too excited” for the forthcoming event. It’s time to let go of your trauma of startup noises and give them a reboot, maybe?

[via Microsoft, cover image via Windows and Roland Magnusson /]

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