Dude Finds Salomon Snow Blade Promo From The 90s In His Basement, Digitizes It For Us To Enjoy

There’s nothing cooler than doing a moonwalk nose butter on ski blades. Change my mind.

YouTube channel Homegrown898 found an old Salomon Snow Blade promo that he had taped on VHS back in the 90s and digitized it for us to enjoy.

The video is jam-packed with 90s nostalgia that will have you wanting to strap on a pair of ski blades the next time you hit the hill.

God, I really love ‘vintage’ (are the 90s considered vintage now…?) skiing promos.

I always like to imagine the bros and gals sitting together in an editing room trying to make their products appeal to the masses using popular music, editing techniques, and graphics of the time.

Some guy was probably like,

“Dude, we need more fuzzy transitions, obscure rap music, counter-culture clothing, and heavy electric guitar solos to really make this video pop.”

This video is the perfect time capsule to understand what skiing, and snowboarding for that matter, culture was like in the 90s.

To think that ski blades took over the freeskiing scene for quite a few years. They’re cool, but definitely not capable of being the mainstream snow sport 😆

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