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Leclerc “very happy for Seb” after Aston Martin’s first podium

Leclerc “very happy for Seb” after Aston Martin’s first podium

In the round-up: Charles Leclerc said he was pleased to see his former team mate Sebastian Vettel score Aston Martin’s first podium in Azerbaijan.

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Leclerc pleased for Vettel and Gasly in Baku

Despite finishing behind Vettel and Pierre Gasly on Sunday, Leclerc said he was pleased for both of them, and eager to understand how Aston Martin had suddenly made a step forwards.

“I think the biggest two surprises of today are the two Aston Martins that were flying and this we honestly did not expect,” said Leclerc after the race. “So we need understand to what they’ve done right because they’ve definitely done something right.

“But I’m very happy for Seb, very happy for his first podium with Aston Martin, he deserves it. And very happy for Pierre too. We had a very nice fight at the end, it was very, very close.”

Leclerc said his main priority in the race was ensuring his kept McLaren’s Lando Norris in his mirrors. “I knew I had Lando just behind and I don’t want to take too much risk because at the end he is our main competitor,” he said. “So it was it was a good race overall.”

Texas crashes meant “conservative” Indy for Bourdais

Start crash, Texas Motor Speedway, IndyCar, 2021
Bourdais was taken out twice in Texas

Sebastien Bourdais revealed his Foyt team had to take a conservative approach for the Indianapolis 500 after he was involved in two crashes on consecutive days in a “dismal weekend” in Texas. Bourdais was taken out by rivals in both races on the super-speedway, the second of which occured as Sunday’s race started.

“That definitely set the tone a little bit for a bit of a more conservative 500,” Bourdais admitted yesterday. “When you’ve pretty much already wiped out your crash budget in a matter of 24 hours, I think we all felt very conservative, maybe a little bit too conservative, in quali trim and everything.”

One Covid-19 case among F1 contingent in Baku

The FIA and Formula 1 confirmed 4,630 tests for Covid-19 were conducted on personnel associated with the race in Azerbaijan, of which only one was found to be positive.

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