General Mills’ New ‘Loki Charms’ Has Beloved Mascot Impersonated By A Trickster

Video screenshot via Lucky Charms

The Lucky Charms leprechaun is looking a little different.

In time for the release of the Loki television series on June 9, General Mills is now in cahoots with Disney+ to replace the beloved cereal mascot with someone who is also “green, mischievous, magical.”

The limited-edition Loki Charms cereal will make its chaotic debut the same day Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief comes on screen—but it could vanish in no time, just like the trickster. That’s because only 3,500 boxes will be up for sale on

Apart from appropriating his name on the Lucky Charms packaging, Loki will also impersonate the leprechaun and take over the box. Luckily, he’s smart enough not to mess up the contents that you know and love.

“Thankfully, the cereal and marshmallows in the box were unaffected,” General Mills says.

Loki Charms will be priced at US$8, inclusive of delivery, according to Nerdist.

You could also be a bit devilish and steal early access to a box by being among the first 1,000 to guess the code on by June 9 at 9am ET.

[via Nerdist, video and cover image via Lucky Charms]

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