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Overwatch trolls using bug that could damage players’ hardware

Overwatch trolls using bug that could damage players’ hardware

Overwatch players have called on Blizzard to fix a ridiculous bug that lets players spam voice lines until they crash other players’ games. 

While bugs and glitches are unfortunately common in Overwatch and other multiplayer games, this bug is definitely one of the strangest and it’s been wreaking havoc across competitive Overwatch for over a week since its discovery. By spamming voice lines, players have found a way to make the game lag so hard that teammates and opponents get kicked from the server. Some people have even had issues with their computers as a result. 

Streamer Stevo shared a clip of a Junkrat abusing voice commands in action. The game started glitching and Stevo couldn’t even move as the Junkrat continued to say “understood” over and over again. Stevo even noted there was nothing he could do. 

Overwatch streamer Kephrii shared a similar clip a day later. In the clip, Kephrii’s game almost crashes due to a Widowmaker spamming voice lines. Kephrii reacted quickly, hovering over the teammate and selecting “squelch chat” to mute the spam before the connection was disrupted further. 

Overwatch players call on Blizzard to fix voice comm spam bug

Popular Overwatch streamer Metro decided to call on Blizzard to take action. On May 19, Metro tweeted to Blizzard that the game’s quality control is “shameful.” According to Metro, his PC has continued to “break” whenever a player spams voice lines, exploiting the strange and frustrating bug. 

“It breaks your game and your PC and it might cause hardware damage,” Metro exclaimed. 

The streamer added that they are now afraid to queue into a game of Overwatch due to fear of their PC “exploding.” Not to mention that losing a competitive game will lose them SR. 

Blizzard has yet to publicly comment on the continued complaints. For now, the weird voice comm spam bug is still out there causing frustration for many players. 

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