Your Flat-Pack Desk Has Nothing On This Home Office In A Box With Free DIY Steps

Image by NOSIGNER for Open Sohko Design

If you don’t have a proper at-home workspace by now, you need to set one up already. And if you have some spare time on your hands, this DIY could be your proudest, most rewarding project in a while, because you’ll be getting a great amount of use from it over the long haul.

Open Sohko Design is a wholesome initiative from Japan dedicated to helping people transform warehouses (sohko) or other spaces into offices or studios by supplying open-source, copyright-free design files. The assembly guides are created and contributed by professional designers and architects.

The website shows you how to build your own foldable cardboard LED lamp, a stool, and a ladder shelf, but one of its more elaborate offerings is the surprising ‘Transform Box’ from social design group NOSIGNER that extends into a personal mobile office.

Not only does this comprehensive office cubicle come with a desk, but there are also shelves to store your books and office supplies, a little coffee station, and even an area to hang other tools.

As the workspace is portable, you can easily turn it towards the window for some sunlight. When closed, the box is about the size of the standard cargo pallet, allowing it to be transported with relative ease.

While the instructions are free, you might want to commission a carpenter to complete the job, given its complexity. Open Sohko Design, however, encourages you to try building some of its other simpler designs, like a stool for this office.

Image by NOSIGNER for Open Sohko Design

Image by NOSIGNER for Open Sohko Design

Image by NOSIGNER for Open Sohko Design

[via Present & Correct, images by NOSIGNER for Open Sohko Design]

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